Column mounted jib crane up to max. 500 kg from eepos

A column mounted jib crane from eepos with a load capacity of up to 500 kg offers excellent possibilities for moving heavy objects. Whether in industrial or craft applications, our column mounted jib crane is able to rotate sufficiently on its own axis to be used in confined and hard-to-reach spaces.

With its strong features and robust materials, this column mounted jib crane is a reliable partner in any situation involving the lifting and moving of heavy objects.

Easy & quick assembly of our column mounted jib cranes

Our column mounted jib cranes offer you an innovative way to move heavy loads up to 500 kg with ease.

The profile mounts are specially designed for optimal profile loading and lowest deflection, so you can rely on high stability and safety.

The swivel mechanism rotates absolutely smoothly, allowing for frictionless movement.

With a maximum slewing range of 270°, our column mounted jib crane models are extremely flexible and perfectly fit your individual needs.

What's more, assembly is child's play and quick, so you can get started right away.

Sustainably increase the efficiency of your operation with a column mounted jib crane

A column mounted jib crane, also known as a column crane, is the perfect solution to increase efficiency in your operation. This innovative crane solution provides a safe and effective way to move and position heavy loads.

A column mounted jib crane 500 kg is an excellent choice for smaller operations or work areas with limited space. With its movable column and slewing boom, you can move heavy loads precisely and quickly to the desired location, increasing productivity in your operation.

Invest in a column mounted jib crane now and take your business to the next level.

Column mounted jib crane also available in special dimensions from eepos

The column mounted jib crane is an indispensable tool in many production and manufacturing areas. It is ideal for lifting and moving heavy loads within specific work areas. But what if the standard dimensions are not enough?

No problem, because we at eepos also offer custom dimensions for your column mounted jib crane.

These custom sizes are perfectly tailored to your company's needs, giving you even more flexibility when using the column mounted jib crane.

Invest in the future of your company and take advantage of eepos' customized solutions for your demanding column-mounted slewing crane tasks.

The versatility of the column mounted jib crane: discover the eepos solutions

The column mounted jib crane, also known as a column crane or column slewing crane, is a powerful tool that can be used in almost any production environment. The major advantage of a column mounted jib crane is its tremendous flexibility. It can safely and efficiently lift and move almost any material within its working range. Whether it's heavy machine parts or delicate components, a column mounted jib crane can move the load with ease through careful planning and execution of the job. At eepos, we have the solutions to customize the column mounted jib crane to your specific needs.

Explore our high-quality, durable and reliable column-mounted slewing cranes and learn how we can help you optimize your work environment.

Custom column mounted jib cranes

Our modern pillar crane models offer a high load capacity and the greatest possible flexibility when lifting and transporting loads.

The use of pillar jib cranes has become indispensable in many industries, as they enable efficient work thanks to their compact design and high maneuverability.