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Configure your individual crane system easily

With our eepos crane designer you can quickly and efficiently configure single or double girder crane systems for your individual needs on your PC, smartphone or tablet, around the clock, from anywhere in the world with Internet access. The eepos crane designer convinces with its simple and intuitive operation, in which complex calculations on strength, serviceability and material service life are carried out in the background as well as processes for cost optimisation of the entire system are included in the configuration process.

eepos crane designer

Just get startet

Creating a new project is very simple: First select the crane type and then scroll through the design process in a straightforward manner. In the overview bar on the left, you can view the current design data at any time. No matter what you specify or try out in the main window. The intelligent and fast user guidance helps you to choose the right path for the design of the crane runways: Over the entire length, symmetrical suspension distances or individually for each runway. The eepos configurator makes sure that everything fits at the end. And what doesn't fit, it shows you via the values marked in red. Just try it out for yourself!

You will receive access by e-mail at info@eepos.de or call us +49 2261 54637-0.

The advantages of the crane designer at a glance:

  • The article information and prices are always up to date
  • A printout of all entered and calculated project data including sketch and suspension loads is possible at any time
  • Optimal usability
  • Simultaneous support by eepos employees is possible
  • Each configuration is checked statically. The corresponding calculations are based on the standards: DIN 15018, DIN 4132, EN 1991-3, EN 1993-6, EN 1991-1-1, EN 1300
  • Changes are made and saved simultaneously and automatically
  • You will receive a project sketch plus parts list for a statically and dynamically checked crane system and the corresponding price

Simply request access, log in and get started! There is no faster, easier and safer way to construct a crane. Send us your feedback!

You will receive access by e-mail to info@eepos.de or give us a call.

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The future of crane system planning - the eepos crane designer

The eepos crane designer marks the promising future of crane system planning. With our online tool, you can design your ideal single or double girder crane system in just a few steps - from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. Whether on a PC, smartphone or tablet: eepos crane designer adapts to your preferred device and offers you extremely user-friendly and efficient operation.

Our vision is to offer you a flexible and innovative solution that allows you to meet your individual needs effortlessly. The eepos crane designer is a valuable tool for us as a company and a relief for our customers who want to shape the future of crane system planning with us.

Easily configure your own crane system

With crane designer we offer you a useful tool to independently configure your own crane system according to your requirements. Our system impresses with its simple and intuitive user interface, in which complex calculations are performed in the background that take into account strength, serviceability and material service life as well as cost optimization of the crane system. Once the configuration process is complete, downloads are available as PDFs, Excel lists or as 3-D STEP files that you can import directly into your own planning file. With crane designer, configuring a crane system is child's play.

The advantages of the eepos crane designer in summary

Our eepos crane designer offers numerous advantages for you as a customer.

The item information and prices are always up to date, so you can rely on correct data. The optimal usability also ensures easy handling and operation of the software.

If you still need support, our eepos staff will be happy to assist you.

Each configuration is checked statically and is based on the current standards DIN 15018, DIN 4132, EN 1991-3, EN 1993-6, EN 1991-1-1 and EN 13001. Changes and entries are made and saved automatically to save you time.

Finally, you receive a project description including drawings, parts list and suspension loads for a statically and dynamically verified crane system and can thus build on a reliable and safe solution.

From vision to reality: plan your crane system online with eepos crane designer

Planning a crane system can be a complex task that requires a lot of time and energy. But with our tool you can plan and visualize your crane system online.

From vision to reality: eepos crane designer allows you to plan individual crane systems, taking into account all the requirements and needs of your company. You can create the crane system virtually, specify dimensions and specifications, and obtain cost estimates in the process. Planning, visualization and calculations - all in one tool. Our eepos crane designer is a revolutionary solution that enables companies to plan and implement their crane system very easily and efficiently.