Double girder overhead crane - area-wide transport of large loads up to 2 t

The double girder overhead crane is an ideal solution for the area-wide transport of large loads up to 2 t. At eepos, we understand that every company has individual requirements. That's why we offer different versions of the double girder overhead crane, also known as a double girder bridge crane.

With a double girder overhead crane, companies can save time and resources to make their processes more efficient. The double girder overhead traveling crane is a reliable and robust partner for load transport and we at eepos are proud to offer a wide range of double girder crane systems.

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An indispensable tool in assembly - double girder traveling crane from eepos

A double girder overhead crane is an indispensable tool for the assembly of heavy loads in industry. The use of a double girder overhead traveling crane from eepos is particularly recommended for companies that rely on the efficient handling of materials.

It is a perfect choice for handling heavy loads in production or in the warehouse and makes everyday work considerably easier.

The use of a double girder overhead crane can significantly speed up work processes in production.

Areas of application and advantages of a double girder bridge crane

A double girder overhead crane offers many advantages and areas of application. This crane is ideal for use in existing or new hall constructions and can be adapted to almost any size and load capacity up to 2 tons.

The use of two girders ensures high stability and load capacity, making it easy to handle heavy loads.

Our double girder overhead travelling cranes are characterized by high quality and reliability and are an investment in the future of your company.

Double girder overhead traveling crane from planning to production from a single source by eepos

As one of the leading companies for crane systems, eepos offers you customized solutions for your requirements.

From planning and design to production - we take care of everything from a single source. Our specialized teams work closely with you to ensure that your double girder overhead travelling crane or double girder bridge crane is designed to your exact specifications.

With many years of experience in the industry, we deliver the highest quality and reliability.

Whether for new build or retrofit, we have the solution for your needs.

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