What is an overhead traveling crane and what is it used for?

As a modern and flexible conveying and lifting mechanism, the overhead traveling crane has numerous applications in industry. The overhead travelling crane can be moved on rails both longitudinally and transversely. This makes it ideal for transporting heavy loads in large warehouses or production facilities. Our high-quality overhead travelling cranes impress with their high load capacity of up to 2 t, robustness and durability. They are specially manufactured according to the individual needs and requirements of our customers to ensure flawless operation. Whether as a one-off or for series production, our overhead travelling cranes meet the highest quality standards and are the perfect solution for your material transport needs.

Custom overhead crane manufacturing for your business

Our company takes pride in manufacturing custom overhead cranes for your business. Whether you need to lift heavy loads or move materials from one location to another, our custom overhead cranes are the solution. We offer a variety of options to ensure your specific needs are met. Our overhead cranes are rugged, durable and manufactured to the highest standards. Our experienced team is available to ensure your needs are met and that the overhead crane fits perfectly into your business operation.

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Advantages of installing an eepos overhead travelling crane

The use of an eepos overhead travelling crane brings numerous advantages for companies. On the one hand, the overhead travelling crane enables efficient and fast operation thanks to its excellent ergonomics and smooth running.

The ability to pick up and transport heavy loads not only saves time, but also minimizes the risk of injury. In addition, the eepos overhead travelling crane is particularly durable and low-maintenance, which pays off especially for companies with high throughput. The simple and quick installation as well as the possibility of expansion and adaptation also make overhead travelling cranes from eepos an investment in the future viability of the company.

Countless designs for your new overhead travelling crane

We offer a wide selection of different overhead travelling cranes for your business. Whether you need a single girder overhead crane or a double girder overhead crane, we have the right design for your needs. Our overhead travelling cranes are of high quality and durable design, so you can enjoy your product for a long time. We are happy to assist you in selecting the right overhead travelling crane and are also available to you after the purchase with our competent customer service.

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Reducing costs by investing in an eepos overhead travelling crane

As a company, it is important to always find ways to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. One investment that pays off in this case is the purchase of an eepos overhead travelling crane. Overhead travelling cranes offer numerous advantages that can have a direct impact on operating costs. They enable fast and precise movement of heavy loads, facilitating the transport of goods within the plant. This not only increases productivity, but also reduces the need for manpower and therefore labor costs. As eepos overhead travelling cranes are particularly durable and reliable, there are also long-term benefits as they require less maintenance and repair. The purchase of an eepos overhead crane can therefore help to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency in the company not only in the short term, but also in the long term.