eepos carbon

Ergonomics in a new dimension

The innovative ultra-light crane profile up to 100 kg for single girder and slewing cranes

In serial production, certain assembly movements are often repeated several hundred times a day. Employees are particularly stressed when working with components that are relatively light in relation to the weight of the crane system, because the weight of other cranes make fast and precise positioning very difficult to achieve.

eepos has therefore developed a unique carbon profile that is approx. 50% lighter than standard aluminium crane systems on the market but offer greater load capacity with maximum rigidity. This means that the crane's own weight is significantly reduced and loads of up to 100 kg can be moved more easily, quickly and ergonomically.

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Further advantages 

In addition to the ergonomic relief for the employees, the lightweight construction enables a very low noise level, low ceiling load and easy installation. For the carbon profile, eepos uses a lightweight trolley made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. It has all the advantages of the eepos one aluminium trolley, such as smooth running, no jamming and is 25% lighter!

Together with eepos one, unbeatable 

The eepos carbon profile is compatible with the eepos one modular system and can be quickly and easily integrated into existing eepos one systems.

eepos one in operation

At a glance


  • Possible applications in almost all internal handling and logistics processes for payloads up to 100 kg
  • suitable for single girder and slewing jib cranes
  • compatible with the eepos one system, can be quickly and easily integrated into existing eepos one systems


  • Transport and positioning of loads up to 100 kg become even easier, faster and more ergonomic.
  • up to 50% less weight than aluminium systems
  • lower ceiling loads
  • very low noise emission
  • simple assembly
  • compatible with "item 5" construction profiles

Product features

  • modular crane system made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • only 1.7 kg weight per meter of profile
  • for loads up to 100 kg
  • ultralight trolley made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • external and internal item grooves
  • compatible with the eepos one aluminium rail system
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