eepos one at Lürssen

Lürssen relies on crane system with curved track

In the Lürssen shipyard, the eepos crane also travels around the corner

Every yacht of the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen is unique and inspires with design, equipment and performance. At the Lemwerder location, highly qualified skilled workers are trained, who play a major role in the good reputation of the Lürssen shipyard. Because Lürssen has already installed several eepos cranes, training manager Dietmar Strauß decided to also use an eepos crane in the training workshop. The special feature of the system is the 90° curved path between the workshop and the gate entrance.

eepos bei Lürssen

Curved track challenge

But due to the structural conditions a special challenge arose: The single girder crane with a hook height of two meters was to be able to transport one ton of load on a crane runway with a 90° curve. eepos immediately delivered the first drafts and training manager Dietmar Strauß explained: “The construction drawings fitted, the contact to eepos was absolutely uncomplicated. Jan Berger’s advice was very good and the cooperation with eepos was no problem at all when it came to changes. The speed with which the changes were implemented was very high. We then set the assembly date relatively quickly – because the crane should of course be ready before the inauguration of the training workshop.”

Speed and quality

The completion and acceptance took place as planned, so that the entire training workshop was completed by the start of the new training year. “We thoroughly tested the components before assembly and the quality convinced us. Then the fitters from eepos came and built the crane runway. It just fitted.”

Curved track sets new standards

For Mr. Strauß, the eepos crane system is now standard equipment in the training workshop: “We use the crane to transport steel and aluminium plates and to move our assembly tables or presses. All those who operate the crane are surprised at how easily the crane can be moved, even when the load is on it. When we walk with the crane from the training workshop around the bend to the front to the roller shutter, everyone is first careful and then enthusiastic about how exactly the crane fits past the supports and pillars. With the eepos crane, we have now integrated a crane training course including the slinging of loads into our training”.

Extreme smooth running of the crane runway

Christian Schneider is a construction mechanic in his first year of training and has successfully completed the crane training: “The eepos crane runs incredibly easily in the crane runway. It is interesting to note that the weight of the crane is greatly underestimated. Sometimes I think I lift 100 kg, in fact 180 or 200 kg. This is probably due to the very smooth running.”

Impressive precision, modularity and aesthetics

In addition to the good appearance of the aluminium profiles of the crane runway and crane girder, the eepos crane with the curved crane runway is an ideal match for Lürssen for Mr Strauß: “The eepos crane has everything we want to give our trainees. The functionality is right, the quality is top and the precision and modularity are also impressive. And in terms of aesthetics, the eepos crane also suits us. Ultimately, the attitude to the work must be right: We must not simply be satisfied, but want to question ourselves again and again. We want to develop further and always do a little more.” We can only agree with that.

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