What is a semi-gantry crane?

A semi-gantry crane is a crane system that is attached to a fixed support pillar on one side and runs on rails on the other. This design makes it possible to move heavy loads from one place to another and thus transport them. The load capacity that a semi-gantry crane can move depends on the size and technology of the model.

As a rule, semi-gantry cranes are used where there is not enough space for a full gantry crane, but heavy loads still need to be moved. This ensures effective and space-saving logistics.

What are the differences to a gantry crane?

A semi-gantry crane is similar to a gantry crane in its appearance and functions, with the exception of the missing support on one side. In contrast to a gantry crane, its rail is not laid on the floor, but mounted on a wall, supports or a beam on a hall wall, similar to an overhead crane.

This design offers the semi-gantry crane more flexibility and enables a greater reach than a conventional gantry crane.

Ultimately, it allows a semi-gantry crane to work in areas that are inaccessible to a gantry crane.

The advantages of a semi-gantry crane

A semi-gantry crane has numerous advantages that make it a frequently chosen option for industrial applications.

One of the most important features is its high flexibility when handling loads. The semi-gantry crane makes it possible to move heavy loads precisely and position them accurately, which increases the efficiency and safety of work processes in various application areas.

In addition, a semi-gantry crane can be used in various environments, from factory halls to port facilities or open storage areas. This versatility makes the semi gantry crane particularly valuable for companies that need to move their materials quickly and efficiently.

How a semi gantry crane can improve your operations

A semi gantry crane can drastically improve your operations. With its versatility, it is perfect for businesses that need to move and store materials or goods. Semi-gantry cranes can easily handle heavy goods and allow you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

By facilitating tasks such as loading and unloading ships or transporting heavy elements on construction sites, the semi-gantry crane can not only increase your productivity, but also reduce the physical strain on your employees.

If you want to optimize your operational process, you should definitely consider investing in one.