How single girder cranes can improve your production environment

A single girder crane, also known as a single girder overhead travelling crane or single girder suspension crane, is a cost-effective solution for companies looking to optimize their production environment. This type of crane can be easily adapted to the existing structure and is perfect for use in workshops, warehouses or other production environments.

A single girder overhead travelling crane is characterized by its high load capacity and flexibility.

At eepos, we offer an extensive range of single girder overhead travelling cranes that can be customized for any need.

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Efficient load handling with eepos single girder overhead traveling cranes

Efficient load handling is crucial for many companies. For this reason, we at eepos offer solutions for the single girder overhead traveling crane sector.

A single girder crane is a flexible way of transporting loads quickly and efficiently. We specialize in the manufacture of such cranes and offer a wide range of products to meet the individual needs of each customer. Thanks to our many years of experience and the continuous development of our products, we can offer optimum solutions for efficient load handling.

Single girder overhead traveling cranes - flexible single girder cranes for almost any application

A single-girder overhead traveling crane is the ideal solution when it comes to flexible lifting solutions. Regardless of whether they are used in narrow production halls or large warehouses, single girder overhead traveling cranes from eepos offer a wide range of possible applications.

Thanks to their design, they are ideal for integration into existing work processes and offer a high lifting capacity of up to 2 tons.

Whether as a single-girder crane or single-girder suspension crane - the single-girder overhead traveling crane is an ideal choice for almost any application.

With our broad product portfolio of single-girder cranes, we work with our customers to develop the right solution for their individual requirements.

Increase productivity in your company with a single-girder crane from eepos

With a single-girder overhead travelling crane from eepos, you can increase productivity in your company while making optimum use of the available space.

Thanks to various connection methods, these cranes can be perfectly adapted to the endcarriages, resulting in maximum lifting height gains. Whether as a single-girder suspension crane or single-girder overhead traveling crane - thanks to their flexibility, they are the ideal solution for efficient lifting of loads.

With a single girder crane from eepos, you can optimize your work processes and relieve your employees, ultimately increasing your production capacity.