Sporty successes and good mood at the Hasenrunde

Corpus Christi 343 runners started to the traditional “Hasenrunde” in best running weather. For the first time eepos, together with the SpVg. Dümmlinghausen-Bernberg and the Förderverein Lebensraum Oberberg e.V., took over the patronage and the orientation. “We were convinced that this run would fit the philosophy of our company”, said Volkhard Mücher, Managing Director of eepos. Marcus Walter, also eepos, thanks the former main organizer Detlef Tinney, who had organized the run for 25 years: “We were thrilled that Detlef Tinney entrusted us with the organization. He was always open for questions and helped us a lot, he had a lot of patience with us”. A bouncy castle inspired the children, so that the parents could also have a rest with pretzels, cakes and drinks.

eepos will remain loyal to the Hasenrunde also in 2020 and will be available as organizer and sponsor. All those interested in running should make a note of the 11.6.2020!

You can find all times and places here.