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The clean solution

Today's demands on modern production halls and workplaces are very high: work processes are being constantly optimized and changing, information technology for production and quality assurance is required at almost every workplace, conventional media such as electricity, compressed air and water are also required in varying quality and quantity. Production halls, machines and workplaces must be organized and safe to meet the latest modern ergonomic and safety requirements.

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Modular and flexible

The eepos media columns are an ideal solution for all these requirements: modularity, flexibility, positionable and quick to assemble, to supply machines and workstations safely, and to be on-site with everything that is currently needed. Each media column can be individually equipped with the required interchangeable modules. The exchange, extension or conversion of modules is also no problem, as all modules can be easily removed from the outside. The eepos base media columns are available in four profile sizes with customizable lengths. They can be anchored to the floor with a base plate, suspended from the ceiling, or follow a crane system along the production line

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At a glance

Product features


  • Supply of any desired workplace with media (electricity, compressed air, water) and information (network). Technical gases on request
  • easily configurable
  • Optional jib cranes on the media column up to 100 kg payload possible
  • four item compatible grooves on both the inside and outside of the column allow for one’s own attachments
  • up to 3,000 mm in length as standard, while longer lengths are available upon request
  • 4 sizes available (XS, S, M, L)
  • Media supply from below, above, and from the side are possible
  • Optional jib crane is possible from media column profile M
  • 12 different module inserts that can be freely interchanged with each other
  • All module inserts are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy implementation of additional module inserts
  • Item-compatible grooves outside and inside the column allow the user to add his own attachments (e.g. for strain relief of cables and hoses)
  • Spacious interior design for cable and hose installation
eepos base media columns with jib crane
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