BMW Group and eepos present eepos powertrack

Marcus Walter von eepos bei seinem Vortrag

At this year’s conference “Assembly Systems 2019” eepos together with the BMW Group presented the pluggable power distribution system eepos powertrack. Marius Walaschek from BMW Group, together with Marcus Walter from eepos, explained how the BMW Group successfully used the innovative busbar system at its latest factory in Mexico. The lecture showed how the complete power supply with eepos powertrack conductor rails and the eepos base media columns was installed faultlessly in the BMW final assembly within a few weeks.

After the presentation, there were interesting discussions with well-known OEMs about the use of the eepos powertrack in their plants.

Here is a video about the functionality and the easy installation of eepos powertrack:

eepos powertrack-Video

eepos powertrack-Video